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About breadcrumbs
The Birth of Tonkatsu

Pork cutlet would soon have a fateful encounter with tempura. The main objection to pork cutlet was that it was greasy. Whether in an attempt by the restaurant to improve it, or an accident in the kitchen, one day a pork cutlet ended up swimming in a tempura pot instead of a frying pan. When it came out, it was surprisingly lighter and tastier. What eventually came to be called tonkatsu was born in that moment.

What are Breadcrumbs?

As already mentioned, breadcrumbs were originally produced by grating French bread. Used with croquettes, born in the same manner as tonkatsu, and other variations of deep fried foods, including prawns and menchikatsu (minced meat cakes), breadcrumbs have developed as a Japanese ingredient – today’s panko – in the world of “deep-fried” food.

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