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First Commercialization of Breadcrumbs in Japan

Here is another tasty bit of information. It was Miyazaki Iwamatsu Shoten, predecessor of Lion Foods Co., Ltd., that saw the promise of breadcrumbs as a Japanese food ingredient and first commercialized them in 1916. In 1937, it began the first production of soft breadcrumbs in Japan.

Trademark in those days

Today we offer 800 kinds of breadcrumbs, meeting diverse, sophisticated requirements. For customers dealing with delicatessen products who want breadcrumbs to look good when they are fried, we offer them using natural colorant. For those dealing with tonkatsu, we offer coarse ones for larger tonkatsu sizes and fine ones for smaller. For use with frozen foods, breadcrumbs that remain crispy when heated in a microwave are available. Breadcrumbs, seen at first glance as a supporting player, in fact play quite a pivotal role.

In addition, more than 100 kinds of bread are used to make breadcrumbs. The multitude of combinations depends on the food item and the customer’s needs. Unless we can create the best combination, the customer will not be satisfied, and our job is to satisfy all of our customers. Lion Foods boasts the top share in the field of commercial breadcrumbs. Our primary customers are major food manufacturers, stores and restaurants specialized in tonkatsu, and convenience stores.

Throughout our 114-year history we have emphasized product development. We respond to any customer request and are always exploring new realms of “tastiness.” Seeing the promise of the Chinese market, we established a wholly owned subsidiary in Qingdao. We also expanded our business in the Shanghai region as a second step. We will continue to develop forward-looking business strategies, serving overseas markets wherever we can.

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